The City Health Platform is part of a solution package for a truly future-connected, safe and intelligent future city. It allows direct involvement of the citizens of the city along with the local administration to find solutions in a timely manner to the problems that affect the daily life of the citizens. The City Health Platform is already implemented and actively promoted alongside the other Smart City suite solutions in the pilot phase in two major cities in Romania, and will be adopted by other cities nationwide in the near future. The application is the result of Life is Hard SA's efforts in creating an intelligent, integrated ecosystem of configurable solutions for every urban need.



  • Ceva


Our Smart City package is currently implemented in a pilot phase in Alba Iulia as part of the Alba Iulia Smart City 2018 initiative.
  • Ceva


  • Citizen Involvement

    People can report various issues, supporting their resolution and providing feedback on applied solutions. Through transparent appreciations and aversions, local authorities can have a clearer picture of people's views on a particular topic of interest. We allow a co-creation ecosystem where citizens, local companies and the municipality work together through technology directly on their desktops or mobile phones. Our goal is to involve users on platforms and to create step by step connectivity communities, information exchange and active involvement in city welfare.
  • Improving life quality

    By implementing a network of environmental sensors at key points across the city, we provide real-time information about different measurements, such as traffic levels, pollution, green areas, quiet spaces, parking spaces, etc.
  • Smart administration

    The platform aims to support local government in addressing urban challenges and engaging citizens in solving. By involving citizens, views, images, feedbacks are collected, modeled and stored, and there is a set of detailed opints in the datasets used to recognize the model in collecting data to extract valuable city information and, of course, to every citizen.
  • Data View

    Allows total transparency that gives each citizen access to activity reports, the number of emergencies, interventions, information on quality of life in their city, employment, family support, population growth, etc. presented in graphs, being an easy way to meaning.


The map of our solutions

The program to support the digitization of local communities offered by Life is Hard S.A. to communities under 100,000 inhabitants free of charge.
  1. Cluj- Napoca                    CJ
  2. Huedin                              CJ
  3. Baia Mare                         MM
  4. Targu Lapus                     MM
  5. Sighetu Marmatiei          MM
  6. Borsa                                MM
  7. Lugoj                                 TM
  8. Stei                                    BH
  9. Bistrita                              BN
  10. Alba Iulia                          AB
  11. Sebes                                AB
  12. Hateg                                 HD
  13. Petrosani                           HD
  14. Petrila                                HD
  15. Ramnicu-Valcea               VL
  16. Caracal                              OT
  17. Slobozia                             IL
  18. Targu Neamt                     NT
  19. Dorohoi                              BT
  20. Tomesti                              IS


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